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Day Reporting Center

800 West Fourth Street, Ground Floor #03 • Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 279-4355 • Fax: (570)-323-4030

Williamsport Day Reporting Center (DRC)

Module 1~  Cognitive Based Substance Abuse Education

  • CBT Addiction Education Concepts
  • CBT Treatment Model and Stages of Change
  • Effects of Mind-Altering Substances
  • Sex and Drugs
  • Drugs as Facilitators of Crime
  • Substance Abuse and Family Relations
  • Abuse and Violence

Module 2 ~ Workforce Development

  • Job Development Skills
  • Completing an Application
  • Resume Development
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Conducting a Job Search
  • Job Placement
  • Retaining Employment
  • Going to Work Daily
  • Dressing for Work
  • Getting Transportation to Work
  • Getting Along with Co-Workers & Supervisors

Module 3~ Drug Testing

  • Intake and Randomized Alcohol Sensor and Urinalysis

Module 4~ Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Weekly group therapy utilizing the Thinking For A Change Curriculum

Module 5~ Case Management Services

  • Coordination with PA State Parole, PA Department of Corrections, community employers, and various community resources for the benefit of the program participant.
  • Building a Support System
  • Improving Interpersonal Relationships
  • Improving Family Relationships
  • Financial Responsibilities
  • Parenting Skills
  • Coping Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Module 6 ~ Pro-Social Activities

  • Providing on-site pro-social activities and coordination of community based activities


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