When Conewago Place opened it’s doors in 1995, Ken Kanode was living across the road on Nye Road. Ken came to us asking if he could become a volunteer and bring a Bible Study through the Hershey Free Church to the facility for our clients. So Ken started coming in once a week conducting the Bible Study.  With Ken living so close he was offered a position on our Community Advisory Board which he accepted.

Ken continues to bring the Bible Study to our facility for our male clients weekly.* This year marks twenty years that Ken has been volunteering at Conewago Place. A few years ago we had quite a few clients that were in need of winter coats. Ken was asked if he might know of how we could find winter coats for our clients. At that time Ken went to his church and started a winter coat drive to help our clients and it was a big success.

We all have issues and struggles in life and many need help in many areas. Sometimes it can be a bit draining on the volunteers. But the joy that some receive makes it all worthwhile.

*Note: Bible study is offered as an option to those who wish to attend