At our Conewago Indiana facility, Firetree provides an integrated, co-occurring inpatient non-hospital treatment program designed to assist individuals to restore personal dignity while learning to live a chemically free and emotionally stable lifestyle.

The overall goals of the program involves working together with the individual for the purpose of increasing levels of functioning and supporting abstinence through the provision of a comprehensive cognitive behavioral approach rooted within a 12-step recovery model.  

The target population includes adult men and women who are 18 years of age and older and are displaying symptoms of co-occurring mental health and a substance use disorder. The primary focus of the program will be to treat individuals whose co-occurring issues require more intensive staffing and support services.  All individuals participating in the 3.5 co-occurring capable level of care program will participate in a psychiatric assessment within the first week of admission to the program. 

An interdisciplinary team consisting of the medical director, the mental health professional, psychiatric nurse, master’s level clinical staff and clinical supervisor will meet regularly with the individual to formulate a plan for the individuals’ treatment.

A Life Skills assessment is also completed to allow our clinicians to assist the client to be able to feel comfortable integrating back into society upon completion of treatment.