Drug & Alcohol Treatment


Based on the assessment done during intake as well as recommendations from the referring agency, clients are assigned to various treatment track components.  Track components are not totally separate programs but rather areas of concentration within our treatment program:


Stabilization component — The first few days of treatment are a time for stabilization/orientation to our program. It is a time for “settling in “ and assessment.


Denial component — Clients may come to treatment due to legal or family pressure; they may not be convinced they do indeed have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol. Until denial is overcome, motivation for recovery is limited.  Focusing on motivation for change helps the client, through education and therapy, realize that that they do have a problem.

The admissions process begins with one simple toll free call: 1-888-347-3873

Traditional component — This treatment component most closely resembles the “traditional” image of inpatient treatment. Through a combination of therapy and education, clients learn about their addiction and are provided an opportunity to acquire the tools needed for cognitive/behavioral change and long term recovery.

Relapse prevention component — Acquiring the tools to avoid relapse is a vital. Remaining clean and sober after returning home requires thought and planning. The heart of the relapse prevention component is “Relapse Court.” Clients develop and present their plan to prevent relapse to their peers in a mock trial setting and receive feedback from their peers on its viability and appropriateness.  It is the plan, not the client, who is on trial. This approach provides all present with an opportunity to examine the roadblocks to continued sobriety they may face when returning home.


About Firetree

“Together building a new way of life” means we work as a team with our clients to help them change their thinking and behavior in order to maintain their sobriety. We believe that change is possible but will only take place through acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability.


The admissions process begins with one simple toll free call.



What Happens When I get There?

Having an idea of what to expect when you arrive at our treatment program center can help the experience to be a positive one. Simply knowing what to bring will make things easier.


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