Bill Brown, President
Amy Ertel, Vice President
Thomas McDermott, Chief Operating Officer

Human Resources

Scott Snyder, Director of Administration
Beth Satteson, Payroll/Benefits Administrator
Hannah Yost, Purchasing/Office Administrator

Intake and Billing

Brandi Switek, Director of Admissions and Billing
Jeff White, Intake Specialist
Vickie Gavlock, Intake Specialist
Kathie Mills, Medical Assistance Processor


Eric Wertz, Controller
Debbie Stiber, Accounts Payable
Kalee Kling, Staff Accountant

IT Services

Tom Valeriano, Network Administrator
David Earle, IT Support Specialist
Paul Dennis, EM / IT Support Specialist


Patricia Brader, Director of Marketing and Community Relations
Harold Imber, Director of Special Projects
Joe McLaughlin, Community Relations Specialist

Legal Counsel

George Bishop, Legal Counsel


Amber Biddle, Corporate Clinical Director
Lyndsey Force, Support Specialist


Steve McCardell, Compliance Officer
Chris Corcoran, Compliance Specialist


Melissa Baney, Training Coordinator