How can I pay for treatment?

Finding funding may seem difficult but we can help you through the process. We have outlined a number of funding options.

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What happens when I first arrive?

Our staff will help you feel safe and comfortable during your treatment stay.

Upon Arrival

Is there a blackout period?

There is a mandatory three day blackout period for those in drug & alcohol treatment programs. There is a mandatory seven day blackout period for those in community reentry centers.

Can my family visit me while I'm in treatment?

Yes! Family visits are welcome and encouraged. Visiting days/hours vary by facility; you will be given visiting information upon admission.

What can I bring?

  • Clothes - A week's worth is sufficient. Laundry facilities and laundry products are available.
  • Toiletries - Please bring unopened toiletries not containing alcohol and not in an aerosol can.
  • Cigarettes - Unopened packs only. Please do not bring loose tobacco, rolling papers, lighters, e-cigarettes, or vapes. These rules apply to all facilities except Conewago Place. Conewago Place is a nicotine free environment.
  • Money - Up to $100.00.

What Not to bring:

  • Electronic devices - Laptops, tablets, MP3 players.
  • Cellphones - Cellphones are NOT permitted in the inpatient treatment facilities (Conewago Pottsville, Conewago Place, and Conewago Snyder). Cellphones ARE permitted in the Halfway Houses and Residential Reentry Centers (New Way of Life Snyder, New Way of Life Indiana, Capitol Pavilion, Scranton Pavilion, and Syracuse Pavilion).
  • Valuables
  • Obscenities - Printed material, t-shirts, etc. with explicit sexual content/obscene language or portraying drugs, alcohol or violence.

What are your polices?

Firetree, Ltd.'s policies are very detailed and extensive.

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