New Way of Life Snyder


18336 Rt. 522
Beavertown, PA 17813


(570) 658-7383
Fax: (570) 658-7376

New Way of Life Halfway Houses

  • New Way of Life is located in Indiana, PA
  • New Way of Life Snyder is located in Beavertown, Snyder County, PA
  • Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol
  • Serves men 18 years and older
  • MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment) services
  • Transportation available


New Way of Life and New Way of Life Snyder are two licensed halfway houses for men looking for a stable recovery program during their transition from inpatient treatment to independent living.

Treatment includes

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Motivational Enhancement Therapy, evidence based treatment approach rooted in 12-step recovery model
  • Workforce Development to gain independence and work experience
  • Money Management to learn how to budget finances
  • Life Skills curriculum to build upon strengths for long-term recovery
  • Home-like recovery environment utilizing a three-phase treatment program
  • Peer supports both in and out of the program