How Can I or Someone I Know Get Help?


We do everything possible to make the admissions process as simple as possible. The general information provided below should help you begin. You can also call us toll free and we’ll help you through the process. 1-888-347-3873

“The first step in getting help is finding the correct level of care. Before you can be placed in treatment, an assessment needs to be done. A professional will speak with you and determine what level of care will be the most helpful.

What does “level of care” mean?

You may start at detoxification and then move to inpatient and finally to outpatient. You may also start at inpatient and move to outpatient, or sometimes directly to outpatient. Occasionally, after inpatient, a halfway house is recommended as a “step-down” level of care in conjunction with outpatient. That is the purpose of an assessment; it’s the way to determine the best path to recovery.

Who does the assessment?

Assessments can be done by a variety of agencies. Where you go for an assessment will depend on your county and/or funding source. One place to start is your county’s drug & alcohol office. To find your local information click here.

Funding Options

Finding funding may seem difficult but we can help you through the process. A number of funding options are outlined below, again, you can always call one of our facilities and we’ll discuss these with you.

  • County funding—each county in Pennsylvania has a drug and alcohol office, which not only provides assessment services but also, provides funding to those who qualify. To find your local information click here.
  • Healthchoices/Managed Care Organizations (MCO)— counties in Pennsylvania administer their Medical Assistance (MA) funding through HealthChoices Organizations. If you are member of a HealthChoices provider, you will have a card that looks much like a medical insurance card. On your card, you will find a phone number to call for services/funding information. To find more information on HealthChoices click here.
  • Private insurance—many private health insurance policies cover substance abuse treatment. Typically, a company will contract with specific treatment providers although occasionally they will authorize payment to out of network facilities. Your insurance card will have a number to call for information.


Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Call 1-888-347-3873 and we will help you work through the steps you’ll need to take to receive treatment.