County Funding—All counties in Pennsylvania have a drug and alcohol office which not only provides assessment services but also provides funding to those who qualify. To find your local information click here.

Healthchoices/Managed Care Organizations (MCO)— All counties in Pennsylvania administer their Medical Assistance (MA) funding through HealthChoices Organizations. If you are member of a HealthChoices provider, you will have a card that looks much like a medical insurance card. On your card, you will find a phone number to call for services/funding information. To find more information on HealthChoices click here.

Private insurance—There are many private health insurance policies cover substance abuse treatment. Typically, a company will contract with specific treatment providers although occasionally they will authorize payment to out of network facilities. Your insurance card will have a number to call for information.

You may also call 1-888-347-3873 to speak to our Admission Staff about your options.


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