Conewago Snyder’s Day of Giving


   “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”
-Booker T. Washington

The ladies at Conewago Snyder showing some love…


Conewago Snyder’s Life Skills Coordinator, Lisa Stancavage, developed an opportunity for our clients to give back to two local populations in need of some love and care. Lisa partnered with local businesses that provided items at a discount and then let the clients’ creativity flow.

Our males and females filled hygiene bags for residents of a local homeless shelter, Haven Ministry Center. They also created cards and gifts for residents of a local nursing home, Riverwoods Senior Living Community, in an effort to bring some light and joy in to the seniors’ day. The pictures below show some of the clients engaging their creative energy during Life Skills class. Everyone enjoyed the activity (especially the male clients who really dove deep into their creative potential).

The Conewago Snyder clients learned that creating and giving to others are actions they can carry over to their sober life when they complete treatment. Every act of giving, no matter how small or how large, has the ability to touch the life of another as well as enrich our own life.


The gentlemen get artistic.

Some of the hygiene bags donated to Haven Ministry Center.