Fun, Friendship and…Goats?

New Way of Life Snyder residents recently took a day trip to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, located in Halifax, PA.  Lake Tobias is a family-friendly wildlife park and zoo that houses over 1000 animals from 6 continents.  Our residents were especially fond of the goats which were (fortunately) fond of them as well.  Studies have shown that caring for and interacting with animals are good for one’s mental health.

Firetree, Ltd. recognizes that residents might not know how to navigate their their sobriety once they have been discharged from our treatment programs. Regular outings allow them to come together and bond over activities they may not have been capable of experiencing while in an active addiction.  Our facilities regularly plan and encourage fun outings and pastimes for our residents to help remind them that they can have sober fun in recovery once they return home to their families and day to day life.

But back to the goats.  They are adorable, they are fun and they are clowns of the barnyard.  What’s not to like?  No wonder they were the residents’ favorite attraction.  Hmmmmm, if we put a goat corral at each of our facilities……..