COVID Updates: Keeping Our Staff and Clients Safe




At this point in the pandemic, we have many tools in our toolbox to keep our staff and clients safe. PPE, distancing, masks, testing and deep cleaning are all part of a comprehensive protocol practiced every day in Firetree, Ltd. facilities. Now we have another powerful tool to add to our toolbox – vaccines. In 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner developed and administered the first vaccine for smallpox. Note that “developed and administered” meant rubbing cowpox on a child’s arm and noticing that the child did not go on to contract smallpox which was ravaging the population at the time. Still, this moment in history is considered a breakthrough in understanding how diseases work and how to prevent the spread of infection. The vaccines for COVID-19 have (thankfully) come a long way from Dr. Jenner’s 1796 experiment. Vaccines are now rigorously tested and are only released for public use when the Federal Drug Administration confirms their efficacy and safety and stringent standards are met.

Firetree, Ltd. began vaccinating their staff and clients against COVID-19 on February 25th, starting with our Residential Reentry Center, Capitol Pavilion, located in Harrisburg. Over 99 staff and clients stepped forward to be vaccinated and our other facilities are following suit starting this week. Vaccine volunteers recognize that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective and really “just a little jab.” We are very proud of our Capitol Pavilion family and our residents for leading by example and rolling up their sleeves in order to protect themselves and, ultimately, others.