Staff Spotlight: Kwasi Yeboah

~ Staff Spotlight: Kwasi Yeboah’s Promotion ~

New Facility Director of Capitol Pavilion


Kwasi Yeboah was promoted to Facility Director of Capitol Pavilion, he has been with Firetree, Ltd. Since 2010 starting as a Monitor. Kwasi was promoted to Program Manager in 2015 and Assistant Facility Director in 2016, his most recent position. In his early life, Kwasi studied at the St. James Seminary in Ghana, earned an Associates Degree at Harrisburg Community College. He is a Certified Addictions Counselor through Villanova University and he is currently studying Criminal Justice Administration at Penn College. When he’s not concentrating on his studies (or managing a large Residential Reentry Center!) Kwasi, enjoys cooking, soccer and drumming. Kwasi lives in York County with his wife and three children and noted that he has learned his greatest professional lessons by working at Firetree, Ltd.


We are proud to have you as a part of the Firetree Family Mr. Yeboah! Keep up the outstanding work.