Staff Spotlight: Max Beck

~ Staff Spotlight: Max Beck’s Promotion~

New Assistant Facility Director of Capitol Pavilion


Max Beck was named Assistant Facility Director of Capitol Pavilion, replacing Kwasi upon his promotion. Max lives outside of Harrisburg in Cumberland County where he grew up. He went to Messiah College where he majored in Religion and Philosophy and then completed a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Theology at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA. While Max was working with adults living with intellectual disabilities as a Program Coordinator and Employment Specialist, he was referred to Capitol Pavilion in 2019 by a Social Services Coordinator who thought he would be a good fit for the position of State Case Manager. He remained in the State Case Manager position until his promotion.  Max enjoys working at Capitol Pavilion because “things are always changing, residents are coming and going every week.” Max enjoys the challenge of the changing dynamic and playing part in the residents’ successful reentry.


Firetree, Ltd. Is honored to have a dedicated and caring employee such as yourself as part of the Firetree family.