Staff Spotlight: Lisa Stancavage

~ Staff Spotlight: Lisa Stancavage’s Promotion~

New Assistant Facility Director at Conewago Snyder


Lisa Stancavage was promoted to Assistant Facility Director at Conewago Snyder.  Lisa received degrees in Psychology and English from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Prior to joining Firetree, Ltd., she was a Program Manager at Bethesda Day Treatment Center in Milton, PA and worked her way up to Therapeutic Support Supervisor. Lisa needed a change from working with children and teens and came to work at Conewago Snyder. She enjoys the opportunity to work with other outside agencies such as county probation and community partners. During her time with Firetree, Ltd., Lisa has had the positions of Counselor, Life Skills Coordinator and now Assistant Director.  She loves working with our clients and seeing the difference her efforts make in their lives. Lisa says, “There are some moments when it is something little, like just asking someone how they are doing or asking how the conversation went with their kids, that can make a difference in a client’s day. When a client knows they matter and we care, it makes doing this job worth it.” She lives in Lewisburg, PA with her husband and three children.


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